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                                           Visits at Nobel Prize nomination in economics 2006 and 2007    Swedish access




    The scientific Thesis from the Technical University of Denmark

    with reference to works of prof. Samuel Eilon, Imperial College, London


 Enterprise Reporting and Planning program, which calculates:

                     M A S I   


Guide lines   

  • Profitability

  • Working capital

  • Cash Flow

  • etc.

 based on Accounting Theory, all running in a network.

   M A S I    can be applied for production/product calculation, accounts analysis.

            -  supports different levels, for instance products, markets, business areas and so on. You can

               choose between quantity or amounts. These results can be consolidated from lowest level of

               Time Series to company level.


            -  performs simulations on data until the final combination for the tactical and strategic planning

               has been found.


Level                      Property

   1     Company, the Model in Part B

   2      Activities from the Model in Part B

   3     Endogen or exogen Time Series

        From the Thesis,  hierarchy of classes         

                                             Economical Concept

         Company                 Level             Software

                                        Highest      M A S I   

Hyperion, Cognos, SAS:  Middle    Data Mining

Microsoft, Oracle, SAP:   Lowest   ERP systems

                                            Reporting and Planning     

Time series with 9  Windows

Variance analysis

Sensitivity analysis

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Uppsala University's licence


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                        Visits in August - December 2005


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       Visits at Nobel Prize nomination in Economics 2006


        Date         Access/Visit                  IP-address    


June     19  Swedish  Chalmars Universitet  

July     30  Swedish  Stockholm          

August    1  US                5 IP-adresses

          3  Danish          University   

          7  Danish   Odense University  

         12  German   Kassel University   

         17  Swedish Stockholm 5 IP-adresses

         18  Danish          University   

         19  Danish          University   

         19  Danish          University   

         30  US       Albuquerque         

         30  UK       Stafford             

September Danish          University    

          4  Danish          University    

          4  Danish   Odense University  

         14  Swedish                      

         14  Swedish                      

         17  Danish          University   

         18  Swedish  Malmö  University   

         18  Greece   Athene University  

         19  Swedish                      

         20  Swedish                      

         20  Swedish  Örebro               

         23  Portuguese       University   

         29  Swedish  Stockholm            

October   5  Swedish  Landstinget i Gothenburg 

          5  UK       Nottingham University 

          5  Danish   Odense University  

November  2  UK       Edinburgh University   

          2  UK       Edinburgh University   

         27  US       NASA   Huntsville  

December  6  Swedish  Malmö             

         21  Swedish  Stockholm          


January February March April May June 


       Visits at Nobel Prize nomination in Economics 2007




        Date         Access/Visit                  IP-address    


July     29  NL  Arnhem       Akzo Nobel Coatings (on a SUNDAY !)

August   28  GR  Peristérion  Technical University of Athens

September UK  Coventry     University of Warwick

         14  DK  Copenhagen   University                         

         15  DK  Copenhagen   University                         

         15  DK  Copenhagen   University                         

         19  CY  Nicosia      University of Cyprus

         20  CY  Nicosia      University of Cyprus

         25  AE  Dubai        University

         27  ES  Barcelona    University

         28  AU  Sydney       University of New South Wales

         28  US  Chicago      University       N

October  11  US  Chicago      University       o

         12  US  Chicago      University       b

         25  US  Chicago      University       e

         28  US  Chicago      University       l

November 15  FR  Grenoble                  

         15  EI  Dublin                  

         17  FR  Grenoble                  

         19  NO  Kongsberg                

         25  DK  Copenhagen   University                         

December  6  BR                          

         11  FR  Grenoble                  

         13  FR  Grenoble                   

         15  US  New York                

         16  FR  Grenoble                

         17  AU  Sydney                  

         22  DE  Berlin                   

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